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Broken Down

Three RD400s in the garage that aren’t running. One is a 1976 parts bike, a.k.a future track bike, torn down to the frame. Her picked over carcass has provided many great things and she still has meat to give. The other 1976 is intact. Blows massive clouds of heavy smoke out her right tailpipe and rattles like a bucket of rocks, but she’s all there.

Ripe for a rebuild top to bottom, she was my first RD and her name was DesirĂ©e. I get a little misty when I think of all the good times we had. The countless hours we spent together in the garage. Wrenching on her was slightly more fun than a sharp stick in the eye, but when she ran great the feeling was indescribable. I’ve kept her green tank and sides to someday resurrect her for the track. Tuned and polished with performance parts and super-sonic fast. Doll her up properly and bring her out on the weekends to have the boys gather around and give that princess the attention she deserves.

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